Sandusa Beach Towel - Sand proof and waterproof - the problem





After many long summer

 days at the beach







we got sick of sand on

our towels and in our cars!




The Sandusa Beach Towel - sand proof-waterproof - the model





So we took matters into our own hands – creating a towel that leaves the beach at the beach!


The Sandusa!





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Sandusa Beach Towel -sandusa-waterproof - the underside







The Sandusa has a nylon backing,

which prevents sand clinging to it.






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The Sandusa Beach Towel - sandusa - waterproof - sitting down






It’s also waterproof so moisture can’t seep through and attract sand.

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The Sandusa Beach Towel- sandproof- waterproof - the evolution



With a Sandusa, sand can’t stick to your towel, so it can’t find its way into your car when you leave the beach.





You can also use the Sandusa to wrap up wet clothes or swimwear, and protect your car seat if you are still wet.



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The Sandusa Beach Towel - sandproof-waterproof - the couple


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