Sandusa and Baglif Collaboration

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We are excited to announce our recent collaboration with Corsican Designers SAS Zattacam to release the Baglif.

The Baglif is a mulifuctional beach accessory ideal for the adventurer, beach goer or one for all the family. Its unique design incorporates a beach towel, seat cover and beach bag – all the essentials for a day at the beach.

Jean-Laurent and Richard of the society Zattacam developed this unique beach accessory on the beautiful Island of Corsica – off the coast of France in the Mediterranean. They first reached out to us in early 2014 to incorporate Sandusa’s signature Sand and waterproof beach towels with the Baglif concept.

We were thrilled as the Baglif embraces the three core principals of Sandusa – Innovation, Inclusivity and Honesty. The design was perfected and now SAS Zattacam and Sandusa are proud to release this new product to the world.

The Baglif is a beach towel and a small bag joined by a zip. Unwrapped it is perfect for a day at the beach as the pocket can be used to carry items, keep valuables out of the sun, or filled with sand and used as a beach pillow!

When you’re in the car simply place the pocket on the headrest and the baglif becomes a very practical seat cover. The size of the baglif pocket is suitably sized for most vehicle headrests.

When wrapped up it is an excellent pillow and can still be used as a beach bag storing small items such as sunglasses and mobile phones.

The Baglif is manufactured using Sandusa’s Patent Protected Sand and Waterproof toweling combination. So when it’s time to leave the beach you’ll be sand free and your car seats will remain dry.

The Baglif is available for purchase online at

At Sandusa we have been proud to be a part of their journey lending our own innovation to their vision.


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