Meet Baz

Baz Brown is the inventor of the Sandusa – The world’s first sandfree & waterproof beach towel. Baz is an avid surfer who grew up on and still calls Australia’s Gold Coast home. Before developing the Sandusa his car was in his word’s “constantly full of sand and always had that wet dog smell” from wetsuits and towels he’d left in the car.

Baz Brown - Founder and Inventor of the Sandusa - sandfree & waterproof beach towel

After witnessing a incident at a local beach he decided to to do something about it. “There were these two groups of people sunbaking next to each other. When one group got up and shook out there towels the sand went all over the other group. There was a little bit of an argument which was pretty funny from afar. Afterwards I was laughing with my girlfriend and i just thought there has to be a better way to make beach towels.”

He produce the first prototype from materials bought from Spotlight at the Burleigh Heads store.

The prototype (Which is affectionately referred to as “the handkerchief”) is the seed that started a multinational business, with Sandusa having sold their unique beach gear in over 30 different countries.