How does the Sandusa Work?

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At Sandusa we are regularly contacted by people with alternative ideas, suggestions and questions concerning this revolutionary product. Below is a list of the most common:


What do you mean Sandproof?

If you throw sand on the Sandusa it is going to get covered in sand. The toweling side is just like a normal towel so if you get sand on that side and stomp all over it, it will remain sandy like a regular towel would.

The underside is where the magic happens. The Base is nylon which has short “loop-less” fibres which sand does not stick to. See images below: both images were taken after a few hours at the beach.The first image is a normal beach towel. The second is a Sandusa.


Is the Sandusa Waterproof?

Yes, you heard right. A waterproof towel. The nylon backing is waterproof material – meaning water cant pass from the toweling side through to the underside. Wrap up your wet gear or protect your car seats!

Do you deliver to Latvia, Iceland, Madagascar or (insert your country here)?

Yes! We offer FREE shipping worldwide, and we have already shipped Sandusas to 29 countries across the globe. Simply place your order with your postal address and include any specific delivery instructions our couriers may need to find you.

Is the Sandusa machine washable and dryable?

The Sandusa is machine washable. You can use a dryer however regular drying degrades the materials in the towel, shortening the lifespan of the product. Not to mention the environmental effects. So we suggest using the sun to dry your towel.

How long will it take to receive my order?

In Australia? We offer free express shipping Australia Wide.

QLD: 2 – 4 Days | NSW: 2 – 4 Days | ACT: 2 – 4 Days | VIC: 3 – 5 Days
TAS: 5 – 6 Days | WA : 3 – 6 Days | NT : 5 -10 Days

Located Overseas – it’s ok we have you covered!

Free Standard shipping takes 7 – 10 days from the time you place your order.

We also offer an Express Shipping option for those who just can’t wait to get their hands on a Sandusa – if you choose this premium option, you’ll have your order within 3 – 7 days wherever you are in the world.


Sandusa Beach Towel – All over the world


Can I order other colors of the Sandusa towel?

As a world first product, we’ve been through many variations to perfect the comfort, durability and design of the Sandusa to bring you the bright, colorful and practical products we are now proud to offer through our website.

While we only offer a limited run of each color and design currently available, we are also working on new designs and color schemes for the future.

What other ways can I use the Sandusa?

I’m not your mother but here are a few of our favourite suggestions (let us know if you have any others):

  • Having a picnic 
  • Wrapping up wet gear – boardies, wetshirts, wetsuits, bikinis, etc
  • Using as a cot sheet – for babies and little kids (and some big kids?)
  • Protecting your car from wet bodies after a day at the beach or pool
  • Something for the dog to sit on in the car
  • An umbrella in the rain
  • Wrapping up electronics in the rain
  • As a gym towel- to protect equipment from perspiration
  • Protecting furniture at a kid’s pool party

Where can I get one?

You can order your Sandusa online. Just click on the shop button and follow the prompts. Please note prices include shipping worldwide!

Want to see some more photos? check out our gallery.