The Sandusa Hits the Canary Islands’ Beaches

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sandusa, no sand towel, antisand beach towel, waterproof beach towel, canary islands, distributor, down under, gran cranaryThe Australian beach product that is making waves around the world is hitting the shores of the Canary Islands with the help of its newest distributor.

Downunder SA have been a leader in the distribution of iconic surf brands for 25 years in the Canary Islands.

They are teaming up with the Sandusa to continue solving a problem that beachgoers face with every visit to the beach.

The Sandusa is the world’s first sandproof and waterproof beach towel and has revolutionised the beach towel industry with a sand and water free solution that has been snapped up by beach lovers across 30 countries, and counting.

The luxurious cotton towel has a unique backing, which not only prevents sand clinging to it, but is also waterproof to avoid moisture seeping through.

Sandusa creator and founder Baz Brown said he is thrilled to see the Sandusa making a difference to beach lovers in the Canary Islands.

sandusa, anti sand towel, sandproof towel, waterproof towel, sandless towel, buy beach towel online, buy sandusa beach towel, innovation, invention, new product, toweling, gold coast, Australia, Baz Brown, Orange, home, gift, present idea, Bronte, antisable serviette est waterproof et anti sable, sand be gone, towel from today show, karl stephanovic, Kirra Blue Beach Towel, the living room“We are very excited to be expanding to new areas, particularly to the surfers and beachgoers in the Canary Islands,” Mr Brown said.

“The beach is a way of life, but no-one likes bringing it home with them after a day on the sand,” he said.

“The Sandusa is the answer that beachgoers need to leave the beach at the beach, so we look forward to providing greater access to this new product for those living and holidaying in the Canary Islands.”

For more information on Stocking the Sandusa in the Canary Islands please contact Down Under on the details below:

Down Under
C/ Secundino Delgado
Trasera Edificio Jovimar, Almacen 7
35100 San Fernando De Maspalomas
Las Palmas, Canary Islands
Tel/Fax: 34-928-1-42935
Contact: Federico Garcia

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