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Take summer to new heights with the Sandusa Beach Towel Bean Bag.

The Sandusa Beach Towel Bean Bag is both comfortable and durable – the perfect bean bag for the outdoors. The cotton toweling has a waterproof nylon backing so you can jump straight on the bean bag after a dip in the ocean, lake or pool. A waterproof and sandproof underside means sand will just slide right off.

Large enough for two, or available in a junior size for the kids or those flying solo, these bean bags are made for lounging about wherever you can find water, friends, sunshine and good times.

Manufactured using 100% cotton toweling and nylon | Machine Washable | IN STOCK NOW

Boss Dimensions: 150cm x 140cm (60″ x 55″) | Weight: 2kg (4.4 lbs) | 400 L (14 cu. ft) filling beans required

Junior Dimensions: 150cm x 70cm (60″ x 27.5″) | Weight: 1kg (2.2 lbs) | 100 L (3.5 cu. ft) filling beans required

Prices include shipping worldwide and products take 7-10 days to arrive. Express Delivery is available at the checkout.



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Sandusa Bean Bag Blue Lagoon Boss

The Sandusa Beach Towel Bean Bag is manufactured using our unique waterproof backed cotton beach towels.

  • Size: 140cm x 150cm (55″ x 60″)
  • Mass: 2kg (4.4 lbs)
  • Machine Washable
  • Includes internal mesh bag with zip for containing beans
  • Requires 400 Litres (14 cu. ft.) of polystyrene bean bag filling (beans not included – please see Product Description for retailers)
  • manufactured using 100% cotton terry toweling and 100% nylon on the underside
  • Price includes shipping worldwide 7-10 days (express option available at the checkout)

The Boss is our largest and most luxurious beach bean bag – great for those long summer afternoons down at the beach or park. It’s the perfect gift!


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Sandusa Beach Towel Bean Bags do not include polystyrene bean bag filler. We recommend the following retailers:

Australia – Kmart | New Zealand – The Warehouse | United States of America – Walmart | United Kingdom – Amazon | France – Expanse

Our Story

Developed on Australia’s Gold Coast the Sandusa Beach Towel has now been sold in over 30 countries worldwide. Following from the original sandproof towel, the Sandusa range has expanded to include other new innovative beach products, now available in the Sandusa store, including the new Sandusa Beach Towel Bean Bags.

Made from the world’s first sandproof and waterproof beach towel, the Sandusa Beach Towel Bean Bag is manufactured using the highest quality materials. The Patented design features a cotton terry towel on top to absorb and dry, while a waterproof nylon underside prevents water seeping through. It’s the ultimate beach accessory to lounge on, whether you’re wet or dry.

Designed with comfort in mind the Sandusa Beach Towel Bean Bag is the perfect outdoor cushion for summer. Sit back, relax and enjoy your time at the beach in style. Although designed for the outdoors the bean bag is also perfect for epic lounge room living. Think of it like an oversized beach pillow!

All Sandusa Beach Towel Bean Bags are 100% Machine Washable. Drying in a tumble dryer is not recommended due to long term color loss and potential damage to the materials, however the bean bag will dry in the sun. All prices include shipping worldwide (7-10 days) with express shipping options available at the checkout.

If you have any questions, please send us an email and one of our staff will respond as soon as possible.